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Le Grand Karuizawa Hotel & Resort
864-4 Hotchi, Karuizawa, Kitasaku, Nagano 389-0113

About 15 minutes from Karuizawa Station or
Usui-Karuizawa IC by car

By Shinkansen/Trains

By Shinkansen/Trains By Shinkansen/Trains

By car

By car By car

Shuttle Bus Service


We offer free 15-min shuttle bus rides between
the Hotel and Karuizawa Station.(South Exit)
※ No reservation required.

High season
Golden Week(4/29-5/7)
Year-end and New Year(12/29-1/3)



  • ※The departure/arrival time may change depending on the day of the week and the season.
  • ※Please note the possibility of delay in departure/arrival due to traffic.
  • ※We cannot accept more passengers than the maximum capacity of the bus
    and we may ask some guests to wait for the next bus.
  • ※Since there is no private bus stop at Karuizawa Station, look for the bus with the signage: "Le Grand Karuizawa Hotel & Resort."
  • ※Passengers with wheelchairs should fold their wheelchairs prior to boarding the bus.